Junk Car Removal

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Wondering What to Do With Your Junk Vehicle?

We provide affordable junk car removal service in Ontario & Diamond Bar, CA

If a junker has been sitting on your property for years, you may start to think of it as part of the scenery. However, it doesn't make a great impression with your neighbors or guests. That's why Quik Tow LLC makes it easy to get junk car towing services in Ontario & Diamond Bar, CA. We'll come to your location, load up the car and tow it away-problem solved.

Don't worry about trying to sell the car, scrap it for parts or find a place to recycle it-our team can take care of that for you. For more information about our junk car removal services, contact us today.

3 good reasons to get that junker off your property

Junk car towing services are just a phone call away in Ontario, CA. Leaving an abandoned vehicle on your property can have all kinds of negative consequences, including:

  • Wrecking your curb appeal - broken down cars can devalue your property, and your neighbor's as well
  • Becoming a health hazard - rust and eroded paint could pose a health risk to kids and pets who play near that junker
  • Inviting unwanted visitors - wildlife and insects will make their homes in abandoned vehicles

When you decide the junker needs to go, call Quik Tow for a fast junk car removal service.